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Module parameters:
1. PCB size: 26.5mm x 15.6mm
2. PCB Color: Black
3. Weight: 4g
4. Using the new chip CP2102
5. with a resettable fuse. In the event of accidental short-circuit can effectively protect your device and computer USB port to download
6. With three LEDs: power indicator, the indicator data reception, data transmission indicator, work status at a glance
7. 3.3V and 5V with two power output
8. all the useful lead pins
9. with reset signal output can be directly Pro mini and other Ard uino board to download!
10. Compatible Operating Systems:
  -Windows 98 / Me / 2000 / XP / 7
  -MAC OS-9
  -X-Windows CE
  -Linux 2.40 or later
Asynchronous Serial Data Bus (UART):
All handshake and modem interface signals
Data format support:
    • Data Bit 8
    • Stop bit 1, 2
    • Check digit: odd parity, even parity, no parity
Baud rate from 300bps to 921.6kbps
512-byte receive buffer 512-byte transmit buffer
Support hardware or X-On/X-Off handshake
Support for event status and line abort conditions
Self-powered: 3.0V to 3.6V
USB bus power supply: 4.0V to 5.25V

Package includes:

1 x Downloader

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