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This is a ultra-quiet cooling fan for NVIDIA Jetson Nano Developer Kit; it with a 2.54 DuPont connector which is easy to insert.
This cooling fan does not support PWM and speed feedback; the fan will turn after power-on; 
This cooling fan supports our exclusive metal casing. Please refer to: NVIDIA Jetson Nano Matching Case
Dimensions: 40x40x7mm
Connector: 2.54 dupont connector-2P
Rated Voltage: DC:5V
Rated Current: 0.05A
Cable Lenght: 6.5cm
Weight: 13g/pcs
Q: How to install this fan? 
A: Fix this fan on the motherboard to dissipate heat quickly.
Package includes:
1 x Cooling fan (with matching mounting screws)

For reference only: (NVIDIA Jetson Nano Developer Kit does not includes)


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