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The B_XT-1WR2 family is designed for applications in board power systems that require a set of voltages that are isolated from the input supply. This product is suitable for:
1. The input power supply voltage is relatively stable (voltage variation range ±10% Vin);
2. Requirements isolation between input and output (isolation voltage ≤ 1500VDC);
3. The output voltage stability and output ripple noise requirements are not high;
4. Typical applications: pure digital circuit occasions, general low frequency analog circuit occasions, relay drive circuit occasions, etc.
- Sustainable short circuit protection
- Operating temperature range: -40°C ~ +105°C
- Small SMD package
- Isolation voltage 1500VDC
- Internal patch design
- No additional components required
- International standard pin mode
- Passed IEC62368, UL60950, EN60590 certification
Input voltage: 4.5-5.5V DC
Output voltage: ±5V DC
Output current: ±200/20mA (max/min)
Full load efficiency: 76/80
Maximum capacitive load:220uF
Package Included:
3 x B0505XT-1WR2 DC-DC 5V to 5V Isolation Power Supply Module

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