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Product Description

Product introduction:

JDY-64 is a low power consumption lossless two-channel stereo design, and the overall performance is very advantageous. It only needs to connect the module to the application products so that users can quickly achieve wireless music transmission, which defaults no prompt tone for button, switch, connection, fragment opening, and integrated SD card defaults earphone function does not support SD card function. It supports button control on music up and down, play and stop, switch, volume turn up and down, and other functions.
Product application:
JDY-64 is mainly applied to mobile phones, computers, PAD, etc. It can be applied to Bluetooth mono-channel headphones, headsets, Bluetooth dual-channel headphones, Bluetooth speakers, Bluetooth audio receivers and so on.
Bluetooth versionBluetooth V4.2
Support bluetooth protocolHFPV1.7, A2DPV1.2, AVRCPV1.5, AVCTPV1.2, AVDTPV1.2
Working voltageDC3.3-4.2V
broadcast status current
Post connected working state current20MA
Deep sleep current3uA
Working temperature-40℃ – 80℃
Transmission distance15m
Patch temperature<260℃

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3 x Module

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